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Professional DJ/MC, Sound, and Lighting

Three Reasons To Choose MendoDJ​​​​​​
  1. Professional Grade Audio Equipment
    Professional Grade Audio Equipment
    A variety of professional-grade audio systems, only using QSC, JBL, and Shure equipment, are available for all off your audio needs.  Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, small or large, we can provide ideal sound to fill a conference center, gym, hall, or open-air venue.  We look forward to taking your special event to the next level with our quality sound systems.
  2. It's Your Party
    It's Your Party
    One of our goals is to personalize your event by playing the music you want! We customize our playlists based on your suggestions, and our music library is always growing. Offering many genres and styles of music, the possibility to party is endless.
  3. Professional MC Services
    Professional MC Services
    We have the energy, experience, and professionalism to adapt to your event. With several years of public speaking and performing experience, DJ Eddie can act as your MC! There is no need to worry about time - he can help you organize your schedule of events and keep the party going! You get to decide how much involvement we have in your event.
MendoDJ is available for weddings, school functions, company events, awards ceremonies, fundraisors, and more.

Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, and Reception Party

Enjoy yourself with family and friends knowing that the soundtrack to your special day is taken care of.

We meet your needs by getting together for a consultation, creating fun and meaningful playlists, and staying in communication with you as we prepare for your wedding day.
​​​​​​​​ The Consultation

For the consultation we recommend meeting at the event site to plan where the sound and lighting equipment will be set up.

Also, during the consultation we will discuss the event schedule and what kind of music to play.

Call, text, or email today to book MendoDJ for your amazing day.

School Dances, Rallies, Ceremonies, Promotion Parties, and Proms

MendoDJ strives to make your school event exciting, energetic, and appropriate.

We use fun lighting to enhance the setting and set the mood.

Students love big sound. We use high end professional grade  equipment to produce whatever amount of volume you need with sound that is premium quality. We've DJed in large gymnasiums, fields, outdoor venues, cafeterias, and recreation rooms.

Being a former teacher, DJ Eddie knows the importance of playing school event appropriate music. We take priority in finding clean versions of current hits.
  1. Prom
    High School Prom May 2018
  2. School Dance
    School Dance
    High School Winter Ball December 2018
  3. Middle School Dance
    Middle School Dance
    Middles School Dance Fall 2018
  4. Rally Time
    Rally Time
    Middle School Rally 2017
Special Events

Fundraisors, Community Events, Company and Private Parties

  1. Community Events
    Community Events
  2. Fundraisers
  3. Private Parties
    Private Parties
  4. Company Parties
    Company Parties

Experienced Professional and Fun DJ/MC

  1. How It Started
    How It Started
    The backdrop for DJ Eddie's beginnings took place in Long Beach, CA at an awesome college hang out, Taco Surf. On Saturday nights he would assist the club DJ, rummage through cases of CDs, and learn what songs would mix together. The following night, he would practice my skills. He was the Sunday night Salsa dance teacher and DJ at Taco Surf for over a year refining my mixing and MC skills. Eventually he moved back to my hometown in Northern California. He started out DJing his friends' weddings and word of mouth spread...
  2. Today
    Today, in Northern California, DJ Eddie DJs/MCs weddings, school events, company parties, and fundraisers. Technology has come a long way since the early days of his DJing experience. No more carrying cases and cases of CDs. Type in a song title and there it is. So much better!! He has almost 20 years of experience as a DJ and MC and has invested heavily in high-end sound and lighting equipment. Call today to book DJ Eddie for your big day.
  3. The Future
    The Future
    As the company grows, we will continue to increase lighting and sound equipment options, and products available to clients to help them create their ideal event. As we continue to increase the amount of events we DJ, MendoDJ will search for talented DJs to work with. We will participate more often in municipal events, helping to create a setting for social interactions and building a closer community.

Love your party knowing that the music is taken care of.

Call, text, or email today to book MendoDJ and DJ Eddie for your special event.

Contact DJ Eddie at MendoDJ for further information and to book your special event.
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